Two-Way Dual Language

Immersion Program

The two-way dual language immersion program is a bilingual/biliteracy program model in which native Spanish speakers are integrated with native English speakers and receive instruction in both Spanish and English.


The goal of a two-way dual language immersion is for participants to attain bilingualism and biliteracy in English as well as Spanish.

Program Description/Summary

 Students receive instruction in both languages beginning with a kindergarten cohort through sixth grade. English speakers and English learners are integrated for academic instruction in accordance with the program design and model selected by the school district’s board of trustees. Fifty percent of the students in this program are dominant English speakers and fifty percent of the students are native Spanish speakers.

The Two-Way Dual Language Programs at Crockett, Henderson, Johnson, and Jane Long Intermediate require a 6-year commitment (kindergarten through sixth grade).

If you have questions or need more information about the Two-Way Dual Language Program, please contact:

Crockett Elementary
Debi Ehrhardt, Principal
401 Elm Avenue
Bryan, TX 77801

Henderson Elementary
Daniela Garza-Ramirez, Principal
801 Matous Street
Bryan, TX 77802

Johnson Elementary
Amy Thomman, Principal
3800 Oak Hill Drive
Bryan, TX 77802

Long Intermediate School
Dr. Desiree Caperton, Principal
1106 North Harvey Mitchell Pkwy
Bryan, TX 77803