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Message from Bryan ISD Board President About Nov. 3 Election

As a board, we mourn the loss of Bryan ISD Board of Trustees Vice President Tommy Bosquez. He was a servant of the community and a strong family man. His wisdom and careful deliberations will be missed.
The passing of Mr. Bosquez has brought about some questions pertaining to the Nov. 3 election, where he was a declared candidate. The filing deadline has passed, and, per Texas law, a ballot cannot be changed after particular dates noted in the statutes. Those dates have now passed.


What does this mean for the Nov. 3 election?

1) Mr. Bosquez’ name will remain on the ballot, along with the name of his opponent, Mr. Mark McCall.

2) Voters may cast a vote for either Mr. Bosquez or Mr. McCall.

3) Should Mr. McCall win the election, he will be sworn in as a new board member.

4) Should Mr. Bosquez’ name receive more votes, the board will have options it must consider (Section 11.060 Texas Education Code and Board Policy BBC (LEGAL)).


What are those options?


1) The board may fill the vacancy by appointment until the next board member election. In essence, the appointee would serve a one-year term until the next board election in Nov. 2016. That appointee may run for the position, or not.




2) The board may order a special election to fill the vacancy. Because more than one year would remain in the vacant position (members serve three-year terms), the election must take place no later than the 180thday after the date of the vacancy. An election to fill a vacancy will only fill the unexpired term. As a special election is outside the normal election cycle, the district would solely incur the full cost of election fees.


Relevant Texas Election Code: Section 145.096 (



David Stasny


Bryan ISD Board of Trustees