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Bryan ISD Board Extends Superintendent’s Contract

During its regular meeting Monday, March 23, the Bryan ISD Board of Trustees unanimously voted to extend the employment contract for Superintendent Tommy Wallis for one year.

The superintendent was evaluated on the district’s performance to date on the following board goals:

1. Meet the educational needs of every student by continually addressing instruction and learning so all students reach their maximum potential.  


2. Recruit and retain a high quality workforce to support student success.


3. Optimize resources to support district goals and student success.


4. Maintain and develop quality facilities that support student success.


5. Proactively improve communication and perception of Bryan ISD by engaging the students, community and district employees.

Any potential raise in salary for the superintendent is tied to pay raises approved for administrative staff for the year ahead. The board will consider salary adjustments in the future, as budget talks continue.